Clunas, C. & Harrison-Hall, J. ed: MING. Fifty years that changed China. London, 2014. 312 pp. Colour plates throughout. 28x24 cm. Paper.
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Catalogue of a marvellous exhibition at the British Museum exploring the years 1400 to 1450 in China, the early Ming dynasty, a vigourous time in China's history which encompassed the Yongle and Xuande reigns and which saw the building of the Forbidden City in Beijing, the amazing maritime expeditions of Zheng He and a flourishing of Chinese art and culture. The exhibition is notable for the remarkable loans from numerous Chinese museums supplemented by superb objects from institutions in the UK and worldwide. Exhibits range from archaeological artefacts and printed books to ceramics, lacquer, textiles and weaponry. Paperback edition.
Subjects: Art Forbidden City
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