Beijing Yishu Bowuguan ed: ZHONGGUO DING YAO. Ding Kiln of China. 中國定窯 。 北京藝術博物館 編. Beijing, 2012. 20, 440 pp. Colour plates throughout. 30x25 cm. Cloth.
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The Ding kilns are located near the city of Baoding in China's Hebei province and are most famous for white-glazed wares produced during the Song dynasty. This well-produced work shows the kilns' output from the Tang through to the Jin dynasty, with the majority of pieces being Song. A total of 215 examples are illustrated, comprising numerous examples of the white wares produced (many very fine,) together with other glazed wares produced, and excavated, at the site. Includes reconstructed pieces. and sherds. Detailed essays accompany. Eight page introduction in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Ceramics
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