Beijing Yishu Bowuguan ed: ZHONGGUO CHAOZHOU YAO. Series of Ancient Porcelain Kiln Sites: Chaozhou Kiln of China. Beijing, 2015. 478 pp. Full page colour plates and colour text plates throughout. 30x25 cm. Cloth.
GBP 90.00
A good and comprehensive reference on the history and output of the kilns that made Chaozhou wares, located at a number of sites in China's Guangdong province. An interesting and representative selection of excavated and reconstructed wares, together with very fine intact wares, are illustrated, ranging in date from the Tang dynasty through the Northern and Southern Song and onwards through the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties and even showing a number of Republic pieces. The wares show a variety of glazes, including celadon, qingbai and blue-and-white. In Chinese.
Subjects: Ceramics
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