Army Security Agency: SUPPLEMENTARY CHINESE-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. SP-V First edition. Washington, D.C. 1946. 89 pp. 27x20 cm. Paper.
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Printed, on the cover, 'CONFIDENTIAL' and stamped, in red, on the title page with the serial number '00016' this is a fascinating lexicographic curiosity with links to post-war cryptography and western attempts to grapple with the Chinese language at times when this was crucial. The 'General Dictionary' is arranged by Wade-Giles (not without errors) and by 'Ming (telegraphic) Numbers'. 'New terms used in the Chinese version of the United Nations charter have also been included.' And there are lists of 'Numerary adjuncts' and of 'the larger Chinese railroads'. A few entries from the General Dictionary: 'cipher, secret code', 'to rage (used only in connection with the plague)', 'power politics', 'heavy mortar', 'hunger strike', etc. In very good condition.
Subjects: Dictionaries Espionage
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