Almqvist, Kurt ed: THE SAMPANS FROM CANTON. F. H. af Chapman's Chinese Gouaches. Gothenburg, 2018. 223; 67 pp. Over 100 full page colour illustrations. 2 vols. 27x36 cm. Decorative cloth.
GBP 90.00
Delightful and beautiful large-format work recording the unique collection of 96 Chinese gouaches and three larger works that had long hung in the country home in Sweden, Skarva Manor, of Fredrik af Chapman. The 96 gouaches date from the 18th century and show sampans and boats plying various trades - transporting salt, green teas, passenger sampans, carrying porcelain etc. Much variety. A beautiful collection that has now been saved for the Swedish nation. One page foreword in English, then full page colour illustrations throughout. It appears that the gouaches are reproduced near life-size. Some of the sampans and scenes also shown in close-up detail. Captions to plates in Swedish and English. A separate 67 page booklet inserted into the inside back cover of the main volume contains six essays in English pertinent to trade and exchange and the perception of the Middle Kingdom in Sweden at that time.
Subjects: Painting Export Art
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