Abe Collection: SORAI-KWAN KINSHO 1-2. (Chinese Paintings in the Abe Collection). Osaka, 1930-39. 7, 12, 142 pp. text. 160 paintings illustrated on c. 200 plates. 8 vols. 51x37 cm. Six volumes Japanese style silk, 2 smaller wrappers.
GBP 900.00
A complete set of the sumptuous and luxurious catalogue of 160 Chinese paintings dating from the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties in the collection of Abe Fusajiro, now held in Osaka Municipal Museum. Each painting illustrated in full with lengthy description. Captions in English. Main text in Japanese. The six large volumes show the paintings. Two smaller accompanying text volumes. In two cloth cases. Published for private distribution only. Extremely scarce. The cloth cases with wear and loss of toggles. The volumes themselves in fine condition.
Subjects: Painting
Item 269 in List 204.
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