ZHONGGUO JIANZHU YISHU QUANJI. (A Compendium of Chinese Architecture). Zhongguo Meishu Fenlei Quanji. Beijing, 1999-. c. 300 pp. per volume. Colour plates, b/w illustrations and architectural drawings. 24 vols. 29x22 cm. Cloth.
GBP 2,800.00
A fine series of 24 volumes on Chinese architecture. The text to all volumes is in Chinese. Details of individual volumes as follows: 1 Palace Architecture (Beijing); 2 Palace Architecture (Beijing); 3 Palace Architecture (Shenyang);4 Ancient Towns; 5 Bridges & Irrigation Architecture; 6 Pre-Yuan Dynasty tomb Architecture; 7 Ming Dynasty Tomb Architecture; 8 Qing Dynasty Tomb Architecture; 9 Temple Architecture; 10 Ancestral Hall Architecture; 11 Guild Hall Architecture & Academy Architecture; 12 Buddhist Architecture (North); 13 Buddhist Architecture (South); 14 Buddhist Architecture (Tibetan); 15 Daoist Architecture; 16 Islamic Architecture; 17 Imperial Gardens; 18 Private Gardens; 19 Landscape Architecture; 20 Residential Architecture (Han Nationality: Northern China); 21 Residential Architecture (Han Nationality: Southern China); 22 Residential Architecture (Minority Peoples of Northern China); 23 Residential Architecture (Minority Peoples of Southern China); 24 Architectural Decoration and Ornament.
An excellent and comprehensive visual survey and research reference. Out-of-print and hard to find a complete set.
Subjects: Architecture
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