Zhu Ji’nan ed: YINGZAO FAYUAN QUANSHI. (Discussions on the 'Yingzao Fayuan' (Sources for the Construction of Buildings)). Beijing, 2012. 4, 384 pp. Numerous colour text illustrations, b/w architectural drawings and floor plans. 29x21 cm. Wrappers.
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The 'Yingzao Fayuan' was written by Yao Chengzu (1866-1939) and is viewed as a modern continuation of the Song classic on architecture 'Yingzao Fashi'. An admirable and compact treatise dealing with the outstanding characteristics of Chinese architecture and their development. One of the best works on the principles and practices of Chinese building technology ever produced. Here is a modern-day assessment of the work. In Chinese,
Subjects: Architecture
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