Zhou Mo ed: YONGZHENG JIAJU SHISAN NIAN: YONGZHENG CHAO JIAJU YU XIANGSHI DANG'AN JILU. (The Thirteen Years of Yongzheng Furniture: Furniture of the Yongzheng Reign and the Records in the Archive of Fragrant Matters)). Beijing, 2013. 6, 815 pp. 6 pp. colour plates, a few b/w text illus. 2 vols. 26x16 cm. Wrappers.
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A very detailed two-volume study of furniture produced during the Yongzheng reign. The book is published by the Gugong Museum press and, presumably, draws on records from archives within the Palace complex. A few illustrations accompany. A valuable research reference for furniture produced during this short and important reign. In Chinese.
Subjects: Furniture
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