Zhou Liang ed: MING QING XIAOSHUO BANHUA. (Woodblock Prints in Ming and Qing Dynasty Novels). Hefei, 2016. 4, 452; 4, 296 pp. Full page b/w reproductions of woodblock prints throughout both volumes. 2 vols. 29x21 cm. Cloth.
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Volume One covers the Ming, Volume Two the Qing. The Ming volume first shows a few illustrated works from the early Ming but the majority of the illustrations in this volume date from the Wanli and Tianqi reigns when the Chinese illustrated novel became popular. The popularity of the illustrated novel at this time (late 16th - mid 17th centuries) is demonstrated in the second Qing volume which has an extensive amount of illustration from novels published during the first, Shunzhi, reign of this dynasty. Illustrated throughout both volumes. Introduction and descriptions accompany. A good visual reference on the subject. In Chinese,
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