Zhen Dexiu: CHONGKE ZHEN XISHAN XIANSHENG DUSHU JI. (The Collected Notebooks of Zhen Dexiu). Beijing, 1743. 4, 2, 3, 8, 49 (juan 1); 63, 44 (juan 2-3); 62 (juan 6); 50 (juan 7); 44 (juan 8); 34, 39 (juan 9-10); 63 (juan 11); 39 (juan 12); 41 (juan 14); 59 (juan 15); 52 (juan 16); 53, 38 (juan 17-18); 35, 55 (juan 19-20) folded leaves, Chinese-style. 17 juan of 40, in 13 fascicles (ce). 13 vols. 29x18 cm. Stitched, cloth case.
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Seventeen of forty chapters from a Qianlong edition of Zhen Dexiu's 'Notes', chiefly on philosophy and ethics in the context of their associated literary philology. Zhen Dexiu (1178-1235, hao: Xishan) was an important statesman of the Southern Song period, also known as a literary scholar and anthologist.
Even the most complete surviving editions of Zhen's 'Notes' contain only a small proportion of what is known to have existed (one collection and part of another from a total of four collections, according to the 'Siku Quanshu Zongmu'). Later editions collect these in 39 or 40 juan, so a complete copy of the work in this edition would have been typical. Although the work is incomplete, it is a well-printed example of an 18th-century Chinese book with highly interesting contents. Each juan of the 'Notes' is more or less self-contained and focused on a particular topic. For example, juan 1 deals with 'The Nature of Heaven's Mandate'; juan 6 and 7 are both on 'Benevolence' (ren), containing Zhen's readings in the classics and philological notes on the usage and significance of this central Confucian concept.
The title page and 'benmohou' (notes after publication) are dated Qianlong 4 or 1739, but the first preface in this edition has the later date of Qianlong 8 or 1743. The design, condition and printing of the book are in line with these dates.
The book is clearly printed on darkish bamboo paper. Some repairs have been made and the fascicles have been protected with modern paper covers at some point and given a new cloth case. There is expected wear to some of the outer leaves and the title page has suffered some worming, but condition is generally good. Rare.
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