Zhao Feng ed: ZHONGGUO GUDAI SICHOU SHEJI SUCAI TUXI: TUXIANG JUAN. The Ancient Chinese Silk Material Design Department (An Illustrated Survey of Designs on Ancient Chinese Silks). Hangzhou, 2016. 2, 191 pp. Colour illustrations throughout. 29x21 cm. Cloth.
GBP 80.00
A work that interprets and reconstructs the designs on Chinese silks shown on clothing and garments in Chinese paintings and murals across the dynasties. The painting or mural is shown with the person wearing the silk garment and, alongside, by an illustration of the reconstructed design of the silk cloth from which the garment was made. Description accompanies. The paintings/murals date from the Tang through to the Qing dynasties. In Chinese. Hard to obtain.
Subjects: Silk Textiles
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