Zhao Liguang ed: ZHONGGUO GUDAI TONGJING JI TA: YUANQI TABEN. (A Collection of Original Rubbings of Ancient Chinese Mirrors). Beijing, 1999. 5, 50, 5; 1, 50, 6. 100 original rubbings of mirrors (50 in each volume). 2 vols. 49x36 cm. Stitched.
GBP 1,900.00
A very fine two-volume compilation of original rubbings of 100 ancient Chinese bronze mirrors dating from the Han through to the Jin dynasties. Contains 3 rubbings of mirrors from the Warring States, 59 from the Han dynasty, 2 from the Sui dynasty, 6 rubbings dated as Sui or Tang, 22 Tang dynasty, 7 Song and 1 from the Jin dynasty. The mirrors contain a very wide variety of designs, many quite intricate. It is unclear where the mirrors are held but it is possible that some are from the collection of the Museum of the Forest of Steles in Xi'an (Xi'an Beilin Bowuguan). Four pages of introductory text to volume one, two pages (one to each volume) listing the rubbings and a total of 11 pages describing each rubbing. A fine work and an excellent study reference. In Chinese. Issued in an edition of just 40 copies and now no longer available.
Subjects: Mirrors Bronzes
Available, as of: 10/08/2020
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