Zhang Jinhua: WEIYANG MING SHI JIAJU. (Ming Style Furniture from Weiyang). Beijing, 2016. 219; 323 pp. Over 300 pp. full page colour plates. Colour text plates. 2 vols. 32x27 cm. Boards.
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A large two-volume work studying Weiyang furniture emulating the Ming. Weiyang was a district of the town of Yangzhou in China and the term refers to furniture from the Yangzhou region. Divided into one volume on research and the second volume comprising illustration. Shows numerous fine, beautiful and interesting examples in various woods dating from the Qing dynasty and on into the 20th century which emulate the exquisite pure lines of Ming dynasty furniture. The furniture seems to be mainly held in private Chinese collections. An excellent reference on the subject. In Chinese.
Subjects: Furniture
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