Zhao Feng et al: DUNHUANG SICHOU YISHU QUANJI: YINGCANG JUAN. Textiles from Dunhuang in UK Collections. Shanghai, 2007. 348 pp. Colour plates throughout, 194 items illustrated in many colour plates, hundreds of small colour plates with details. Appendixes, bibliography, index. 30x23 cm. Cloth.
GBP 150.00
Marvellous and detailed publication with very fine illustrations documenting and displaying the wonders of textile art brought back from Dunhuang and the Silk Road, chiefly by Aurel Stein, and now held in collections in the UK, particularly the British, and Victoria and Albert Museums. In four parts with: essays; an illustrated catalogue including detailed descriptions; a general table giving colour-illustrated details of fabrication, and appendixes. The UK Dunhuang material is well known but textile art in the collections has never before been given such sustained attention. In Chinese.
Subjects: Dunhuang Textiles
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