ZHONGGUO ZHU MU YA JIAOQI QUANJI DI ER JUAN: MU DIAOQI SHANG. (Complete Collection of Chinese Bamboo, Wood, Ivory and Rhinoceros Horn Carvings: Volume 2: Wood Carvings: Part One). Beijing, 2009. 9, 184, 62 pp. 184 pp. colour plates, many full page. B/w text illustrations. 29x22 cm. Cloth.
GBP 90.00
volume 2 in a good series exploring Chinese carving in various media throughout the ages. This volume is Part One of two on wood carvings and shows 177 extremely fine and rare wooden carvings dating from early times through to the Qing dynasty. A huge variety, the majority of the material Qing.The objects coem from major museums across China. Illustrated throughout. Text in Chinese. Out-of-print.
Subjects: Carvings
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