ZHONGGUO CANG XIXIA WENXIAN 2: BEIJING BIAN: GUOJIA TUSHUGUAN CANG JUAN 2. (Tangut Manuscripts Collected in China Volume 2: Beijing Texts : The Collection of the National Library of China: Part 2). Lanzhou, 2005. x, 8, 2, 371 pp. 8 pp. colour and 368 pp. b/w plates. 38x27 cm. Cloth.
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Volume 2 of a large 17 volume compilation describing and illustrating Xixia (Tangut) texts held in the collections of the National Library of China, Ningxia University, The Wuliang Ancient Documents Research Centre in Gansu, Inner Mongolian, Shaanxi and Taiwan collections The majority of the texts come from archaeological sites and include inscriptions on stelae at the Xixia royal tombs, other inscriptions on stones, seals and documents. 95% of the material has never previously been published. This second volume is part two on the Xixia holdings in the National Library of China, Beijing. In Chinese.
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