Yu Runqi: TANG TAO CANG SHU. (Books in the Collection of Tang Tao). Beijing, 2004. 7, 209 pp. Colour plates throughout. 24x17 cm. Paper.
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Tang Tao was one of the great latter-day Chinese book collectors who, rather usually, collected in the field of modern literature - periodicals as well as books. He amassed a library of 23000 paperbacks, 2000 stitched volumes, 600 foreign titles, 1888 periodicals, including many association copies, first editions and outright rarities. The library was donated to the 'Institute of Modern Literature' and this book features 200 of the collection's choice items, instantly notable for their cover designs, reproduced in colour here, with some of the best of China's distinctive early modern graphic design. In Chinese. Out-of-print.
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