Ye Zhemin: ZHONGGUO CIZHOU YAO. China Cizhou Kilns. Shijiazhuang, 2010. 397; 417 pp. Colour plates throughout. Numerous b/w text drawings 2 vols. 29x22 cm. Cloth.
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Large two-volume work examining Cizhou ceramics. Volume One is the text volume with two main sections on: 'Shapes and Decorations of Cizhou Wares and Their Changes by Historical Period' and 'Traditional Craft of Cizhou Kilns Manufactures'. The second volume is entirely comprised of hundreds of pages of illustration showing a huge selection of fine Cizhou ceramics dating from the Northern Qi through to the Qing, the emphasis on earlier wares to the end of the Yuan dynasty. List of contents and 23 page essay in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Ceramics
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