Yang Furu artist: RENMIN GONGSHE HAO (ZHUANGSHI ZI HUA). (The Peoples Communes are Good (A Decorative Character Poster)). Shanghai, 1965. Diamond-shaped colour-printed poster together with a strip of 5 identical but smaller (14x14 cm) diamond-shaped posters. 38x38 cm. Paper.
GBP 100.00
Interesting mid-1960s poster celebrating the Peoples Communes in the context of a New Year (nianhua) poster to be stuck on the door of a Chinese home. The imagery interesting the central character 'hao' (good) is superimposed on sheaves of corn (Sino-Soviet influence?) with numerous other images of bounty and a good harvest - in keeping with the communes bringing benefit to agricultural production in China. One character of 'Ren Min Gong She' at each point of the diamond.
The artist little-known - Yang Furu. Text in Chinese. Extensive repairs to edges of large poster, some chips and loss to margins. Sellotape repairs on back. Images available on request. The smaller strip of posters in better condition - some creases and a few sellotape repairs on back.
Subjects: Folk Art Propaganda
Available, as of: 13/03/2021
Was item 687 in printed List 199.
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