Yamane Takuzo: CHOKO TAIKAN. (The Sights of the Yangtse). Tokyo, 1974. 7 pp. frontispieces and introductions. 4 pp. list of contents in Japanese and English plus 136 plates, each with descriptive Japanese/English text leaf. 26x37 cm. Decorative covers. Stitched. Japanese-style. Cloth case.
GBP 550.00
1974 reprint of a work published in 1917.
Shows a selection of stunning photographs from the author's travels in China over a number of years from around 1909 onwards. The places illustrated range from the Bund and foreign concessions in Shanghai, on to Hangzhou and West Lake, Suzhou, Nanjing , Wuhu, Lushan, Wuhan, various other places on the Yangtze, including the Gorges, and areas of southern China. Each of the photographic plates (the majority full page) are accompanied by a descriptive page of text in English and Japanese.
Six of the plates are panoramas (some quite spectacular), two being double page and four foldouts. The panoramas are as follows: 14. West Lake - four folding leaves; 57. Mt. Lushan - five folding leaves; 80. Wuhan - Complete View of Wuchang, Hankow and Hanyang - six folding leaves; 103. Complete View of Changsha, Capital of Hunan Province - five folding leaves; 104. Mt. Yolu near Changsha. Double page panorama; 111. Bird's-Eye View of Sasi (Shashi) on the Yangtze. Double page panorama.
Introductory and main texts in Japanese. Preface, list of contents and descriptive text to plates in English.
The album covers are reproductions of the covers of the original edition which were painted silk-covered boards from a design by the artist, Kohgyo Terazaki.
A very fine reprint of the rare original edition. In mint condition.
Subjects: Photography
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