XIRONG YIZHEN: MAJIAYUAN ZHANGUO MUDI CHUTU WENWU. (Treasures of Western Peoples: Cultural Relics from the Warring States Cemetery at Majiayuan). Beijing, 2014. 247 pp. Colour plates throughout. 29x22 cm. Cloth.
GBP 90.00
Majiayuan lies on the Silk Road at the south-eastern edge of China's Gansu province. The Warring States cemetery located there has yielded some extraordinary objects with unusual designs that reflect the cross-cultural influences to which the area was exposed at the time. Includes Ordos-style gold and silver foil animal decorations, gold belthooks, small Ordos bronzes and Ordos-style gold objects, horse and chariot fittings with applied gold decoration, bronzes and pottery and gold bangles and belt plaques. One amazing photograph shows an image of a skeleton still adorned with numerous gold objects. Text in Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology Silk Road
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