XINJIANG WENWU BAOHU YANJIU LUNWEN JI (YI). (A Collection of Essays on the Preservation of, and Research into, the Cultural Relics of Xinjiang: 1). Beijing, 2016. v, 461 pp. Numerous b/w text illustrations. 29x21 cm. Boards.
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Forty-nine varied essays and contributions on numerous aspects of research relating to the preservation of, and research into, the ancient cultural legacy, artefacts and sites of China's Xinjiang province and, therefore, the Silk Road in China. The essays divided into four main sections: Immovable Cultural Relics (11 essays); Moveable Cultural Relics (16); Scientific Analysis and Research (7); Other (15). Includes contributions on such matters as fresco preservation, ancient textiles, building preservation etc. A wide selection with a good amount of interesting illustrations. In Chinese.
Subjects: Silk Road Archaeology
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