Xiangyang Museum ed: SANGUO YI YUN: XIANGYANG FANCHENG DAXING SANGUO MU CHUTU WENWU. (The Lost Charm of the Three Kingdoms: Artefacts Excavated from the Large Three Kingdoms Tomb at Fancheng near Xiangyang). Beijing, 2016. 2, 134 pp. Colour text plates throughout. 29x21 cm. Wrappers.
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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Xiangyang Museum (located in northern Hubei province in China) showing a selection of artefacts found in 2008 in a large Three Kingdoms tomb at Fancheng near Xiangyang. The Three Kingdoms period was from AD 220-280 and followed the fall of the Han dynasty. Tombs specifically datable to this period are few and far between (due to the short timespan of this period) and this tomb is a particularly fine example both in size and the artefacts it yielded. The main objects found were ceramics and bronzes together with small gold objects and jades. Illustrated throughout. In Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology
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