Xuan Sen ed: XIN ZHONGGUO XUANCHUAN HUA (1949-1960), (1961-1976), (1977-2016). Chinese Propaganda Posters (1949-1960), (1961-1976), (1977-2016). Qingdao, 2016. 1677 pp. Hundreds of colour illustrations throughout each volume. 3 vols. 29x26 cm. Cloth.
GBP 600.00
Massive three-volume study of Chinese propaganda posters from the start of the communist era through to the near present day. Volume One covers 1949-1960, Volume Two 1961-1976 and Volume Three 1977-2016. Many hundreds of colour illustrations throughout the three volumes. An excellent chronological visual survey and study reference. In Chinese. The first time we have seen this work. Out-of-print.
Subjects: Propaganda Posters
Available, as of: 08/11/2019
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