Xiao Yishan comp: JINDAI MIMI SHEHUI SHILIAO. (Historical Material on Modern Secret Societies). Guoli Beiping Yanjiuyuan Shixue Yanjiuhui Shehui Shiliao Congbian, 1 (diyizhong. Beijing, 1935. 48; 27, 19, 11; 14, 38; 48, 23 folded leaves, Chinese-style. Many folding plates (a number in colour) and text-figures, a few in colour. 4 vols. 20x13 cm. Stitched, cloth case.
GBP 400.00
A collection of materials on China's secret societies, their rites, identification signs, etc. produced by the Beiping Historical Research Society. Fascinating material with good and very detailed lithographic illustrations on the traditions, secret signs, banners, famous personages and how to recognise the various societies. In Chinese only. One broken toggle to cloth case, otherwise in fine condition. Rare.
Subjects: Secret Societies
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