XIANQIN HAN TANG HUA QUANJI DI YI JUAN:DI YI CE DI ER CE (CHUANSHI ZUOPIN). (Compendium of Paintings from the pre-Qin to the Tang: Part One: Volumes One and Two: Extant Works). Hangzhou, 2018. 287; 250 pp. Full page colour plates throughout both volumes. B/w reproductions of seals. 2 vols. 44x31 cm. Cloth. (Silk-covered boards).
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Large-format and extremely well-produced two-volume work that comprises Part One of a larger series. Illustrates 26 paintings dating from the Jin, Sui and Tang dynasties held in collections in China, Japan, America and Europe. A good number were previously in the Chinese imperial collection. These extremely rare and fragile survivals are, in some cases, here shown for the first time in high quality photography. All paintings photographed in their entirety and then in sections either life-size or as close to their original size as is possible. There is also enlargement and illustration of close-up detail of all paintings. This allows a valuable opportunity for full appreciation and research into these cultural treasures. Captions to plates in English. Main text in Chinese. Out-of-print and increasingly hard to obtain.
The paintings, amongst others, include: Gu Kaizhi: Nushi Zhen Tu (Admonitions of the Court Instructress) actual size; Gu Kaizhi: Lienu Zhuan (Wise and Benevolent Women) actual size; Zhan Ziqian: You Chun Tu (Spring Tour) actual size; Yan Liben (attr): Lidai Diwang Tu (The Thirteen Emperors) 90% actual size; Yan Liben: Bu Nian Tu (Emperor Taizong Receiving the Tibetan Envoy) actual size; Liang Lingzan: Wu Xing Ershiba Sushen Xing Tu (The Five Stars and Twenty-Eight Heavenly Abodes) actual size.
Subjects: Painting
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