Xunzi; Knoblock, John and Zhang Jue trans: XUNZI. Library of Chinese Classics = Da Zhonghua Wenku. Beijing, 1999. 1-499; 500-1009 pp. Bilingual table of translated nouns or terms. 2 vols. 24x16 cm. Cloth.
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The first complete English translation of 'Xunzi', the collection of ethical and political writings by the Warring States educator and philosopher Xunzi or Xun Kuang. The book has the original text, a translation into modern Chinese and the English translation. (This is a highly useful and well-production version of parallel, with the English translation done by a authoritative scholar of Xunzi. An edition with apparatus by the same translator should still be available and in print; see item 0000. The series from which this book is taken also looks promising as providing readable and reliable versions of Chinese classic texts.)
Subjects: Philosophy
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