XIAOTUN (HENAN ANYANG YINXU YIZHI ZHI YI) DI YI BEN: YIZHI DE FAXIAN YU FAJUE: YI BIAN: JIANZHU YICUN. Hsiao-T'un (the Yin-Shang Site at Anyang, Honan) Volume I: The Site Its Discovery and Excavations: Fascicle 2: Architectural Remains. Archaeologia Sinica: Volume Two. Taipei, 1959. 4, 10, 5, 5, 5, 4, 332 pp. text and 22 full page b/w plates. Numerous text drawings. 38x27 cm. Paper.
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Part of a mammoth compilation on the archaeological excavations at Anyang in the 1930s, this part discusses, in much detail, the architectural remains found at the Xiao Tun Yinxu site. Text in Chinese. Rare.
Subjects: Archaeology
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