WUDAI WANG CHUZHI MU. (The Five Dynasties Tomb of Wang Chuzhi). Beijing, 1998. 8, 73 pp. text and 61 pp. colour and 11 pp. b/w plates. B/w text drawings and 3 foldouts. 29x22 cm. Cloth.
GBP 35.00
An important find in the Baoding area of Hebei province; a Five Dynasties tomb dating from 923 AD containing the remains of Wang Chuzhi, a military governor (amongst other posts held). The tomb has been robbed but has exceptionally fine tomb murals and 8 exquisite painted white marble reliefs. The marble reliefs are, to date, a unique find, and thus this tomb is of the highest importance to Chinese archaeology and research into the Five Dynasties. The murals and reliefs show, amongst other things, an orchestra performance, a domestic scene with maids in attendance, astrological symbols, plants, flowers and animals and landscapes. With an informative 3 page English abstract, otherwise Chinese only. Recommended.
Subjects: Archaeology
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