WEISHENG JIAOXUE TUPIAN: ZHONG CAOYUE: DI YI JI. (Illustrations for Health Education: Chinese Medicinal Plants: Compilation No. 1). Shanghai, 1975. Ten colour posters. 10 vols. 53x38 cm. Loose in envelope
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A set of ten posters which seem to serve two purposes; firstly, to educate practitioners of traditional Chinese herbal medicine about the plants illustrated and, secondly, to assist in the correct identification of the plants when gathering them. The poster illustrations are derived from paintings and are very competently done. On the back of each poster is a description of the plant illustrated, its Latin name, a summary of its use and benefits in traditional Chinese medicine, the best time of year to gather it, the part(s) of the plant to be used and other relevant information. A pleasing combination of the artistic and the educational. Given the huge range of plants used in Chinese herbal medicine, it would be interesting to ascertain how many of these compilations were produced - but this is the only such compilation we have ever seen. All text in Chinese. Horizontal central crease to each poster from being folded and the envelope with wear and some tears. Other than that, generally fine.
Subjects: Propaganda Education
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