Wilkinson, E. S: THE SHANGHAI BIRD YEAR. A Calendar of Bird Life in the Country Around Shanghai. Shanghai, 1935. 4 ff., 219 pp. 7 plates and 26 vignettes by 'Sapajou'. Some browning. 27x18 cm. Orig. decorative cloth.
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A delightful blend of charm and industry, continuing the pioneering work of Charles Gayot in 'Les Oiseaux de Chang-hai'. Wilkinson even explores the nuances of bird language: 'Male: "Zak-Zak-Zak"(= There you are stupid woman). Female: "Zak, Zak!" (= Shut up, there's no need to crow)'. With black-and-white vignettes by the distinctive Shanghai-based artist, Sapajou. A rare and amusing period Shanghai piece.
Subjects: Shanghai Natural History
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