Watson, William: STUDIES IN CHINESE ARCHAEOLOGY AND ART: VOLUME 2. London, 1998. 394 pp. 182 illustrations. 24X17 cm. Cloth.
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The second of two volumes which collect and reprint the short articles amongst Professor Watson's prodigious output.
Contents: Styles of Mahayanist Iconography in China; On Some Categories of Archaism in Chinese Bronze; Realistic Style in the Art of Han and T'ang China; Divisions of T'ang Decorative Style; Nara-e-hon; The Chinese Chariot: an Insider's View; Kak Charoen and the Early Metal Age of Central Thailand; Tao-chi and the Dialectic of Landscape; The City in Ancient China; Landscape Elements in the Early Buddhist Art of China; The Progress of Archaeology in China; The Individuality of the Honan Tradition in the Shang Period; Categories of Post-Yuan Decorative Bronzes; Iran and China; The Interpenetration of Opposites? Pre-Han Bronze metallurgy in West China; Textile Decoration in the Edo Period and its Further Implication; The Sources and Development of Style in pre-Han and Han Lacquer Ornament; Precious Metal - its Influence on T'ang Earthenware; Chinese Style in the Paintings of the Istanbul Albums.
Subjects: Archaeology Art
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