Watson, William: STUDIES IN CHINESE ARCHAEOLOGY AND ART: VOLUME 1. London, 1997. 424 pp. 129 illustrations. 24X17 cm. Cloth.
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The first of two volumes which collect and reprint the short articles amongst Professor Watson's prodigious output.
Contents: The Lathe in Antiquity; Ancient Khorezm; The Seligman Gift; A Grave Guardian from Ch'ang Sha; A Bronze Mirror from Shao Hsing; Recent Discoveries in Chinese Archaeology I & 11; A Buddhist Patron of the Refectory; Chinese Lacquered Wine-cups; The Earliest Buddhist Images of Korea; Sung Bronzes; A Dated Buddhist image of the Northern Wei Period; A Jade Hatstand; An Inscribed Jade Cup from Samarqand; A Chinese Bronze Bell of the Fifth Century BC; A Chinese Bronze Figure of the Fourth Century BC; The Kingdom of Tien and the Dong Son Culture; Inner Asia and China in the pre-Han Period; Overlay and 'p'ing-to' in T'ang Silverwork; On T'ang Softglazed Pottery; The Thai-British Archaeological Expedition; Chinese Ceramics from Neolithic to T'ang; History and Technological History; Traditions of Material Culture in the Territory of Ch'u; The Chinese Contribution to Nomad Culture in the pre-Han and early Han Periods.
Subjects: Archaeology Art
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