Wang Shixiang: ZI ZHEN JI: LISONG JU CHANGWU ZHI. Self-Cherished Treasures of Twin-Pine Studio: A Listing of Items. Beijing, 2007. ix, 309 pp. Colour text illustrations throughout. 37x27 cm. Cloth.
GBP 95.00
A personal selection of nearly 300 treasures from the collection of a great Chinese connoisseur - Wang Shixiang. 294 items are illustrated in colour and described. The selection is divided into various categories: Seven-String Zithers (9), Bronze Incense Burners (30), Buddhist and Taoist Statuettes (53), Lacquer Ware (19), Bamboo Carving (22), Calligraphy and Paintings (36), Rare Editions (14), Furniture (15), Various Kinds of Artefacts (29), Implements and Tools for Various Hobbies (67). This last category includes the pigeon whistles, gourds and cricket cages of which Wang was so fond. Two-page introduction and list of contents in English. Main text and essays in Chinese. Reduced-format edition of the 2003 original edition. Scarce.
Subjects: Scholar’s Studio Connoisseurship
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