Wang Yucheng: MINGDAI CAIHUI QUANZHEN ZONGZU TU YANJIU. (A Study of Ming Period Coloured Painted Portraits of Patriarchs of the Daoist Complete Perfection School). Beijing, 2003. 6, 6, 311 pp. 104 colour plates, 181 b/w text illustrations and plates. 31x22 cm. Cloth.
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This important study of Daoist religious portraiture was sparked by the rediscovery of a rare illustrated volume - the 'Baoshan juan' - in the library of the Institute of History, Academia Sinica, in Beijing. Material from this volume is supplemented from similar items in the National Library of China. The 'Complete Perfection' school of Daoism, founded in the Song period, is, with the school of 'Celestial Masters', one of two major divisions of Daoism still in existence and the publication of this book was, in part, sponsored by a Hong Kong based Daoist organisation. In Chinese.
Subjects: Painting Religion
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