Wang Gai et al: WUCAI JIEZIYUAN HUAPU DAQUAN: CHUJI, ERJI. (Five-Colour Mustard Seed Garden Painting Manual: First and Second Collections). Shanghai, 1884. 8 ce in 2 han. B/w lithographic reproductions of woodcuts throughout, each fascicle with a number of pages printed in one or other single colour; five-colour images as follows per volume: 3; 3; 2; 4; 3; 3; 2; 6. 8 vols. 20x13 cm. Stitched.
GBP 450.00
A popular, small-format early colour lithographic edition of the first two collections (ji) from the well-known Mustard Seed Garden painting manual. Generally in good condition inside with some wear and tear to the original book labels on some of the separate volumes. Registration of the colour images is not always perfect, as usual with this edition. In Chinese only.
Subjects: Illustrated Books Painting
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