Wang Xinfu: ESHUXUAN QIE CUN SHANBEN LU. (Fine Editions in the Storechest of Eshuxuan). Shanghai, 2002. 14, 79, 1-975; 977-1684, 66 pp. Plus 8 pp. of b/w plates with reproductions. Index. 2 vols. 21x15 cm. Cloth.
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This detailed bibliography of his own collection by Wang Xinfu (1911-1966) is remarkable for a number of reasons. Wang's collection of carefully selected titles was made relatively late and is strong in unusual and rare Qing period editions that have not typically received much attention from traditional Chinese collectors, who concentrate on earlier and rarer material. Moreover, Wang's articles on over 1000 titles are detailed and scholarly, including his comments on the processes of a book's composition and publication, and also, sometimes, the circumstances by which he acquired the book. He thus provides invaluable and hard-to-come-by information on writers and publishers in China: details of lives, institutions and activities. In this he approximates more to the sociological, cultural studies inflected approach to bibliography that is important to contemporary scholarship and literary studies. In Chinese only. Out-of-print and scarce.
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