Wang Shih-chieh et al ed: A GARLAND OF CHINESE PAINTINGS VOL. I: SUI TANG FIVE DYNASTIES AND SONG. Yiyuan Yizhen Ming Hua Di Yi Ji: Sui, Tang. Wudai, Song. Hong Kong, 1967. 34 pp. introductory text and lists of contents and 58 full page colour plates. 55x38 cm. Cloth.
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Volume One of a finely-produced and very large format series on Chinese paintings held in private collections in the United States and Taiwan. This first volume covers early paintings from the Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties and the Song. The 58 pages of colour plates show 36 paintings, albums and handscrolls. Introductions, lists of contents and captions to plates accompany. Dual texts in Chinese and English. Bump to top left corner of the book that extends through the work but does not affect images. Scarce.
Subjects: Painting
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