Various: RANBIAN HE SHAN JINGQI MENG: QINGZHU ZHONGGUO GONGCHANDANG CHENGLI 95 ZHOU NIAN LIANHUANHUA TEJI. (Dreams of Rivers and Mountains Covered with Banners and Flags: A Special Compilation of Picture Story Books to Commemorate the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China). Shanghai, 2017. Various paginations. B/w drawings throughout each volume. 25 vols. 10x13 cm. Paper. Cardboard box with propaganda scenes.
GBP 300.00
A commemorative production comprising reprints of 25 lianhuanhua (picture story books) dating from the 1950s through to the 1970s. These lianhuanhua were incredibly popular in China at the time being cheap and accessible and copiously-illustrated with black-and-white drawings. Also useful as a propaganda tool for promoting communist ideals. This varied selection ranges across the genre. Amongst much else we have: Mofan Gongchandangyuan Yang Yun (The Model Communist Yang Yun), Caoyuan zhi Ge (Songs of the Grasslands), Qing Chuan Liu Dao Guhan Zhuang (The Pure Springs Flows to Guhan Village) and Dang de Nu'er (Daughter of the Party). Each small book has a colour front cover and inside each page of the story comprises an illustration with text below. Originals of such works are very hard to find as they were flimsy mass productions so this is an enjoyable compilation of a very particular aspect of Chinese communist literature. All text in Chinese. Produced in a limited edition and hard to obtain.
Subjects: Propaganda Design
Available, as of: 03/03/2020
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