Turfan Museum et al ed: XINJIANG YANGHAI MUDI. (The Yanghai Cemeteries in Xinjiang. Beijing, 2019. Two text volumes: 25, 979 pp. Plate volume; 4 pp. text and 350 pp. colour plates. Numerous b/w text drawings to the text volumes. One foldout. 3 vols. 36x27 cm. Boards.
GBP 800.00
Huge three-volume archaeological report on the Yanghai cemeteries located in the Tuyugou gorge at the foot of the Flaming Mountains near Turfan in China's Xinjiang province. The cemeteries contain hundreds of tombs and date from the Bronze Age through to the early Han dynasty in China, a historical range from c.1300 BC - 50 AD. A total of 521 (!) tombs were excavated in 2003. Many important finds have emerged from excavations at the site, not least impressive and most interesting textile fragments showing cross-cultural and steppe influences. Other artefacts include finely-decorated wooden containers, ancient harps, painted pottery, small decorative items of horn and beads. The third volume comprises 350 pages of colour plates showing an extensive range and variety of excavated items. Three page summary in English. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology Textiles
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