TRANSACTIONS OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE JAPAN SOCIETY, LONDON. Volume XIX. Thirty-First Session 1921-22. London, 1922. xxi, 187 pp. A number of b/w plates. 26x16 cm. Paper.
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Contains: Mere: Japanese Women, Ancient and Modern; Schwartz: The Potters and Pottery of Satsuma (18 pp. text plus 17 pp. b/w plates showing numerous examples); Katayama: The Language Question as It Affects Education in Japan; Weston: Some Aspects of Rural Japan; Sexton: Notes on Utamaro, Choki and Sharaku; Ponsonby Fane: Haitei Monogatari: The Story of the Exiled Emperors. Scarce and of note for the early contribution on satsuma wares.
Subjects: Culture Ceramics
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