Tokyo National Museum: TOKUBETSU TEN: CHA NO YU. Chanoyu: The Arts of Tea Ceremony: The Essence of Japan. Tokyo, 2017. 414, 2, xvi pp. Colour plates throughout. One foldout. 29x21 cm. Paper.
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Catalogue of a very highly-regarded exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum on the arts of the tea ceremony - Chanoyu - a quintessential aspect of Japanese culture. Highly-important loans from numerous collections across Japan. Examines tea culture in Japan from the 12th century onwards when the custom of drinking powdered tea (matcha) was brought from Song dynasty China. In sections: Tea of the Ashikaga Shogunate - Karamono as Adornment and the Taste for 'Chinese Pieces'; The Birth of Wabicha - Objects to Satisfy the Heart; The Perfection of Wabicha - Sen no Rikyu and His Time; Classical Revival - The Tea of Kobori Enshu and Matsudaira Fumai; The Eye of the early Modern Tea Connoisseur. A total of 259 superb objects were shown including extremely rare Song paintings, ceramics and lacquers and the highest quality Japanese ceramics, paintings, calligraphy and tea utensils. Introductions to each section, list of exhibits and captions to plates in English. Main text in Japanese. An excellent survey of, and insight into, Japanese tea culture.
Subjects: Ceramics Tea
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