Tokyo National Museum: AREKUSANDOROSU DAIO TO TOZAI BUNMEI NO KORYU TEN. Alexander the Great: East-West Cultural Contacts from Greece to Japan. Tokyo, 2003. 224 pp. 153 pp. colour plates, b/w text illustrations and drawings. 30x23 cm. Paper.
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A landmark exhibition with important loans from museums world-wide. Traces the transmission of Greek art eastwards primarily through the force and dynamism of Alexander the Great to its final reception in Japan and the Far East through the Silk Road. 184 exhibits are shown including Graecian, Roman, Syrian, Sasanian, Gandharan, Kushan, Chinese and Japanese material. Primarily sculpture and stucco objects. Introductions, captions and list of plates in English. Main texts in Japanese. A scarce reference.
Subjects: Silk Road Gandhara
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