TAOCI NO. 4: REVUE ANNUELLE DE LA SOCIETE FRANCAISE D'ETUDE DE LA CERAMIQUE ORIENTALE. China-Mediterranean Sea: Routes and Exchange of Ceramics prior to 16th century. Taoci, No. 4. Suilly-la-Tour, 2005. 156 pp. Colour and b/w illustrations. 27x21 cm. Paper.
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Contains 18 contributions in French and English. Amongst others, the English essays include: Guy: early ninth-century Chinese export ceramics and the Persian Gulf connection: the Beilitung shipwreck evidence; Tite and Wood: The technological Relationship between Islamic and Chinese glazed ceramics prior to 16th century AD; Yuba: Chinese ceramics found in al-Fustat, Cairo, 9th to 16th century. Scarce.
Subjects: Ceramics Maritime
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