Takeda Hisayoshi & Funazaki Kojiro: KOZAN GAFU. (Illustrations of Mountain Flowers). Tokyo, 1947. 73 pp. 33 tipped-in colour woodblock prints. 23 b/w text illustrations. 28x20 cm. Wrappers with slight marks and wear and one unobtrusive repair.
GBP 650.00
A delightful work published in Japan just after the end of the Second World War when everything, including paper, was in short supply, thus making the creation of this work a true achievement and a triumph of the artistic impulse. The artist, Funazaki Kojiro, has created 33 colour woodblock prints of flowers found in the mountains of Japan. These are very accomplished and yet a number manage to retain a slightly naive style. The cover wrappers are also woodblock-printed. A very pleasing work. In the listing of the illustrations, the Latin name for each flower is given, otherwise text in Japanese only. Rare.
Subjects: Botany Illustrated Books
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