Shijiahe Archaeological Team ed: XIAOJIA WUJI. (The Xiaojia Wuji Neolithic and Chu Site). Tianmen Shijiahe Kaogu Fajue Baogao, 1. Beijing, 1999. 18, 5, 454 pp; 7, 20 pp. colour and 184 pp. b/w plates. B/w illustrations, drawings 2 vols. 27x19 cm. Cloth.
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Located north-west of Tianmen city in Hubei province, the Xiaojia Wuji Neolithic site occupies an area of c. 150,000 sq. km. The site contains remains of the Shijiahe and Qujialing cultures and 8 small Chu tombs. Finds predominantly comprised pottery funerary objects, urns etc. but a number of the late Shijiahe burials included jade objects. Designs include sculpted human and tiger heads, coiled dragon design, semi-disc and a number of small jade implements. A comprehensive report of excavations that took place from 1987 to 1991. 10 page English abstract, otherwise Chinese only.
Subjects: Archaeology Jade
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