Shaanxi Archaeological Research Bureau et al. ed: TANG JIEMIN TAIZI FAJUE MU. The Tomb of Prince Jiemin of Tang Dynasty. Shaanxi Sheng Kaogu Yanjiusuo Tianye Kaogu Baogao Di 28 Hao. Beijing, 2004. xii, 214 pp. text plus 16 pp. colour and 36 pp. b/w plates. Numerous b/w text drawings. 2 foldouts. 27x20 cm. Boards.
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Excavated in 1995, this is the detailed excavation report of the tomb of Tang crown prince Jiemin, who rebelled against the Empress Wei in 707 A.D., fled the court and was subsequently killed by his followers. Later exonerated, Jiemin was buried as a full prince. His tomb was decorated with fine murals and yielded numerous artefacts, including many fine colour-glazed tomb ceramics - horses and figurines. A good number of the murals and ceramics are illustrated. Two page English abstract. Main text in Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology Murals
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