SHUJING JINGHUA. (The Essence of the Classic of History). N.p., 1819. Six juan in 4 ce. Various paginations of folded leaves of woodblock-printed text. 18 double page b/w woodblock-printed maps. 4 vols. 22x13 cm. Stitched. Original cloth case with repair. One toggle missing.
GBP 3,500.00
Annotated edition of the Shu Jing (Classic of History), one of China's most famous and ancient historical texts. Numerous versions have been printed over the ages in China. The work is divided into sections which detail China's earliest history from the semi-mythical period of Yu the Great, then the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties. The Yu and Xia annals are in one volume, the Shang dynasty in one volume and the Zhou period occupies two volumes. This edition is notable for the 18 finely-cut and detailed double-page black-and-white woodblock-printed maps of various parts of China in ancient times.
All text in Chinese.
This edition dates from the Jiaqing reign of the Qing dynasty. It is dated the autumn of 1819 (Jiaqing Yi Mao Meng Qiu) on the title page and stated as being a newly-cut edition (Xin Juan) with the blocks being held in Guangwei Tang, presumably the publisher of the work. The bottom of each page of text bears the imprint 'Guangwei Tang Juan' (printed at Guangwei Tang).
Generally in good condition. Printed on bamboo paper with good register of the text and maps. The occasional tear and mark. The original covers protected with later coarser paper covers.
Very rare. The first time we have encountered this edition.
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