SANMENXIA GUOGUO MU. The Guo State Tombs in Sanmenxia. Yang Jianfang Shisheng Guyu Yanjiuhui Tulu Xilie, 2. Beijing, 1999. 45, 607 pp.; 8, 48 pp. colour and 176 pp. b/w plates. Numerous text drawings. 2 vols. 27x18 cm. Boards.
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An excellent two volume excavation report of the Guo state tombs dating from the Western Zhou located outside Sanmenxia in W. Henan province. First discovered and excavated in the late 1950s, this is the record of new discoveries made in 1990-91 detailing the excavation of 3 state tombs, 4 lesser-status tombs and 6 plundered tombs. Major finds included 2 sets of 7 bronze ding and 1 set of 5 ding, other bronze ritual objects, bells etc. and numerous extremely fine jades. Well-illustrated. With 4 page English abstract, otherwise Chinese only. Produced by the Institute of Archaeology, Henan Province.
Subjects: Archaeology
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